Guilty or not guilty?

police-2122376_1920One of the most damaging emotions that I work with is that of guilt. It often sits within for decades, even a lifetime. You are judge and jury and you give yourself a prison sentence, with no parole. It does not matter whether others see your guilt as warranted or totally unwarranted – you incarcerate yourself in your own cell of confinement.

What is guilt anyway? Guilt is anger turned inward.

But surely guilt has a message? It tells you that you are a naturally caring person. It tells you that you care about what you did/said/didn’t do … that is why you feel it – because you are a caring person. 

So, lend me your ear caring person and listen …maybe, with a bit of help, you can find the key to your own freedom and liberation?

And if you know somebody trapped by their guilt, please share this with them.

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