Helene May 2019

Alex worked a miracle on me with BWRT! I run my own business and have had this continuous pattern of working myself close to burnout because there’s always so much to do, then crashing and not wanting to do anything anymore and becoming somewhat lethargic. Over time, this resulted in a huge procrastination habit when it came to starting new marketing campaigns or anything new really. The thought of it alone made me feel cramping up on the inside, paralysed. Only with tremendous amounts of willpower could I get over myself and do the things I had to do. Now, after just one session with Alex, it’s gone! I can’t believe it! Straight after the session I started working on my marketing plan and had absolutely no problem whatsoever. I’m now on the first tasks of executing the plan and still feel good, even a bit excited, about the next steps. Thank you so much Alex! This is a huge help for my business.


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