What is BWRT?

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®  – BWRT® – was created in 2011 by Terence Watts, a therapist, author of many books and training courses and principal of the Essex Institute in Essex, UK. Like many great ideas it was born out of a moment of inspiration while reading about some experiments carried out in 1983 which appeared to show that we don’t actually have free will in the way we usually think of it. More than that, it showed that decisions were made and acted upon by our mental processes before we become consciously aware of them.

It was immediately evident that this process accounted for a huge number of the psychological difficulties which so many people have to put up with, and obvious, too, that with some research it could provide the basis for a profound therapeutic intervention, something potentially more powerful and effective than anything that existed to date. Terence had for some time been working on an idea to work with several complicated issues:

  • Why we sometimes can’t stop ourselves doing things.
  • Why we sometimes feel that we just cannot do something we would really like to.
  • Why we so often limit ourselves from getting on with life.
  • Why we sometimes give up on something without even trying properly to do it.
  • Why we sometimes fear something when there’s no real reason to do so.
  • Why some situations ‘trigger’ uncomfortable feelings, even though we have no idea why.
  • Why therapy doesn’t always work as we want it to.

The research, investigation and analysis Terence had carried out so far had raised almost as many question as answers; he was unwilling, though, to accept that this was just the way things are and it was reading about the 1983 experiments that the key to the entire puzzle exploded into Terence’s mind. He began working on the project immediately and it soon became evident that here was something very special indeed, something that worked in a way that was different from anything that had gone before. After extensive testing, a training programme was implemented and rapidly gained the reputation among many therapists as a ‘must have’ process for working with all manner of issues; it was shortly after that that we became an independent training organisation, dedicted solely to the training of this particular process.

Here’s a brief Video giving an overview of the BWRT Process: https://youtu.be/ErnTFCVTJSg

And the follow up: https://youtu.be/OqXE7VFuRRk 

And here’s a ‘Doodly’ version of the history of BWRT in under two minutes: https://youtu.be/j4MkAlAznMc


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