What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the sole concentration of the conscious mind on a single focus.  Whilst many people report sensations of intense relaxation while under hypnosis, it is actually a state of heightened awareness.  Unlike the TV shows and stage performances you may have seen, clinical hypnosis is a perfectly natural and normal state of mind, one in which the client is always in full control of their mind and body.  So unless you wish to cluck like a chicken around my therapy room, we shall leave such things to the stage masters!

Hypnosis is an everyday phenomenon that most of us enter on a daily basis, for example when we get engrossed in a good book or when we exercise. Runners in particular report ‘zoning out’ then suddenly becoming aware that whilst they know where they are, they don’t remember running that last kilometre.  It occurs when we are intently captivated by something or by someone that we are listening to.


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